Chapel of the Holy Family, Lyndonville, Vermont

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Statue of the Holy Family at the Chapel



The Chapel of the Holy Family, located on Darling Hill Road in Lyndonville, Vermont, is a place of renewal, rest and refuge.  Set upon a knoll at the edge of a beautiful wooded area, this chapel offers those seeking peace and spiritual growth a sanctuary of grace and beauty.  With sweeping views of the countryside in every direction, one has the sense they have entered upon the edges of heaven!

The Chapel of the Holy Family is open daily from 9 am until dusk from May 10 - November 1. Please view our schedule for hours and events going on at the Chapel.  If you have questions about the Chapel, please contact us for further information.

Lodging and dining is available at the Wildflower Inn and Juniper's Restaurant just up the road from the chapel. 


Chapel with cross of Dozule
Chapel of the Holy Family with the Cross of Dozule




Upcoming events at the Chapel of the Holy Family


Rosary Group

Meets Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30 May-October.


Chapel of the Holy Family in Lyndonville, Vermont

The Chapel of the
Holy Family

1165 Darling Hill Road, Lyndonville, Vermont  05851 |

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