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“The time will come when the mountains of the temple of the Lord will dominate the mountains and the valleys.  Then people will stream to it and many nations will come and say:  Come let us climb the Lord’s mountain to the Temple of the God of Jacob.  May He instruct us in His ways.”  Micah 4:1-7

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The Cross of Dozule

The Glorious Cross of Dozulé is a postulated illuminated Catholic cross coloured white and blue, 738m tall with arms 123m long, which means with an exact proportion of a ratio of 3 between the vertical and horizontal lengths. It is called Glorious Cross, in order to distinguish it from the Cross of Love of Dozulé, realized on a scale of 1/100 on that of the Glorious One, that is 7.38m high with arms 1.23m long.

According to the "Movement of Love" and other believers, the Catholic church should have erected the Glorious Cross, which it did not. Crosses of Love have been erected by faithful Catholic in thousands of places in many countries of the world and in particular in France, Italy, Mexico and Argentina. A cross was also erected by Conchiglia-Movement of Love Saint Juan Diego on the location where the Virgin Mary is believed to have appeared to Saint Juan Diego. The Cross with the dimensions of 7.38m x 1.23m was raised with the approval and blessing of the Archbishop and several priests, according to the followers of the movement. Many of these Crosses of Love have been erected with the approval of the bishops, tectors of danctuaries, Orthodox patriarchs and Protestant pastors. However, there have been cases where bishops have expressively prohibited them and have asked to remove them.



Dozulé is a small town in Normandy, in France, located about 25km from Lisieux. Between 1972 and 1978 Jesus is said to have appeared there 49 times to Madeleine Aumont, a mother of five children, in the presence of her parish priest the Abate L’Horset and other faithful people, and is believed to have dictated a series of messages, containing teachings and of warnings for all people, according to those who believe in them. Among them is the daily Prayer of Dozulé. The messages are seen as an annunciation of the return of Christ. The Glorious Cross is seen as a sign of it. The followers of the messages of Dozulé believe that they are the continuation of the Secret of Fatima and that they ask, for the conversion of humanity to avoid a material and spiritual catastrophe.

The Prayer of Dozulé

The followers believe that Jesus revealed to Madeleine Aumont that the faithful are to recite this prayer every day, beginning with the Sign of the Cross:

"Jesus of Nazareth has triumphed over death-His reign is eternal. He comes to triumph over the world and time. Mercy my God, on those who blaspheme You; forgive them for they know not what they do. Mercy my God, for the scandal in the world; deliver them from the spirit of satan. Mercy my God, on those who run away from You; give them a taste for the Holy Eucharist. Mercy my God, on those who shall come to repent at the foot of the Glorious Cross. May they find there, Peace and Joy in God our Savior. Mercy my God, so that Your Kingdom come, but save there is still time...for the time is near and I AM coming. Amen. Come Lord Jesus, we attend You. Amen."


The Chapel of the Holy Family

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